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Gathering to provide purpose
education and training

Ethics and oversight

Being an organization with the passion to devote the services to the community members, CANSEF believes in ethics and moral values that should be delivered to each person in the society. Whether working in an environment of teamwork, consulting people to get them on their own right determinations, providing a hand of hope and assurance, dealing with any chore, and while making decisions we strongly fulfill the workouts with high moral values and with great oversight. Ethics and oversights demonstrate a real team and its goals. We never let people out of our commitments no matter what they are. Our ethics show the alignment between the work and loyalty of our team and the motive behind our organization. Our ethics for moral values stand for the advancement of our services that we provide people with. So, they can get the right solutions for each of their necessity.


At CANSEF what makes us different is our scenarios and decisions that made for equality for each member fairly come after any priority. We make to avail everyone to give opportunities and assistance rightfully without the making diffractive impact to let them glimmer with their talent and integrity. CANSEF provides an environment for individuals to come in without having the fear of discrimination. We do not compromise in an environment where discrimination exit based on color, education, class, reputation, and gender. Because we assume in giving equal rights and opportunity to every person. This is what our mission is to achieve spreading the love and care for all the humanities!

Guiding women to provide new purpose
Educating people regarding not discriminating
Corporate responsibility
practices for betterment of people

Corporate responsibility

We represent ethical oriented practices for the betterment of people from different categories. Our ethical formula and oversight emphasize us in paying corporate responsibility. In every field and area, it helps us to demonstrate our ideas and purposes to put them while dealing with people greatly. We work in a corporation in every assigned task. Our corporate responsibility exhibits in every step that is taken for the social interest and for the sake of people’s recourse.

Giving and volunteering

To make the world a better place to live in, it is the responsibility of every single self to work and devote themselves to the people who need our support. Being a nonprofit organization CANSEF highly aims in giving and volunteering social and valuable services to favor those who really deserve it. Whenever they need us can admit back to their calls, we work together, we get back to them in each of their need.

psw training
Volunteer work


Assigning in social works and providing services for the betterment of people’s lives and their betterments, CANSEF also provides a range of training to get access to people to incorporate in the Canadian environment. We offer them social aids and trainings on various subjects, so they get familiar with the new environment. We access people with:

  • Training on languages being spoken in the Canadian system, English to those who don’t ordinary with it.
  • Various courses related to conversing with and communication.
  • Consultant on the career tracks for the newcomers to the Canadian environment
  • Self-assessment training.
  • Career building training.
  • And various more training which fall in the category.

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