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Climate And Energy

The world is getting worse in its climate and energy bypassing days. This is a crucial matter above the head. Various factors are causing this phenomenon and need scrutiny from the world. The human of the day is highly influencing the climate and causing the temperature to Earth by burning fossil fuels, cutting down of rainforest and farming livestock. The most affected aspect of climate fluctuation is global warming driven by the human emissions of greenhouse gases and the other resulting in substantial-scale evolutions in the weather pattern. However, we can take steps to conserve the precious energy on our planet and to save the Earth from being worse in the coming future. Many steps can be put up with to get the climate better.

How is today’s climate affecting our planet badly?

Our Earth’s climate is getting affected by two factors that may be natural and anthropogenic. Here is a slight posture to know what these are affecting factors:

  • In natural aspects, slow changes in the earth’s orbit, variations in sun’s activity, ocean currents, land vegetation, and corresponding to it are the elements that come into it.
  • The addition of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere is one of the human attributed activity since the industrial revolution began around 1750.
  • The Green House gases are another major cause resulting in rise of earth’s surface temperature through burning fossil fuels.

Practically, these natural and human attributed factors are the reasons to inflict the living on Earth and in water suffered. If the phenomenon goes on, it will become very troublesome to sustain in this climate for all the habitations.

Hence, as humans it should be our utmost priority to take the step forward to reversing the climatic changes and healing our planet.

Responsible Usage Of Resources

Sustainable consumption of resources might help the world being fewer emissions. To save biodiversity, we must use the resources responsibly that our planet nurtures us. From the current rate of consumption, the world is already under pressure of being losing the six natural resources including water, natural gas, oil, coal, phosphorus, and rare earth elements. It is predicted by the United Nations and Food and Agriculture Organization that by the year 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in obsolete water scarcity. If we didn’t pay attention to this serious issue, the world will be in a curse.

Our role in the responsible usage of resources

It is the responsibility of every person in the community to make sustainable utilization of resources responsibly. CANSEF as a non-profit organization along with their supporter companies are substantially working for the certainty of the climate and energy. There are various models put together by Environmental engineers to follow them globally at the individual level.

  • Responsible use of resources can be accomplished by following the term of “three Rs”; reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • By conserving the water, confining its usage smartly can help to less scarcity.
  • Planting and reducing deforestation, by educating people about how natural resources cost to us, by using nontoxic chemicals in industries, etc.

Waste And Circulatory

Waste and circulatory not only influence humans, but the little creatures living in the water. It is becoming more hazardous for these little creatures to live at their own pace due to men’s emissions. If the world follows proper factory waste disposal mechanism, it can somehow restrain the climate from being contaminated. In this mission, the individuals and organizations should work cooperatively.

Our roles to prevent the atmosphere from waste and circulatory

To prevent the world from being polluted, the model of three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and recycle) is best to come with possible outcomes. They help to cut down the amount of waste that taints the environment.

  • The first term “REDUCES” – as the name explains on its own, we should use every single item developed for our convenience judiciously. For example – the most common item used by almost everyone today – Papers, as we all are aware, they are developed from wood pulp, to meet the increasing requirement for paper, every day numerous trees are cut, but we do not plant trees at the same rate. Similarly, there are other things we use in our day-to-day life and we do not realize the impact they cause on our environment.
  • The term REUSE is another possible way to overcome the waste and circulatory from the environment. This means to use the product again in the same form or some other form for the same purpose. It is one of the best ways to stop waste and there are tons of opportunities to put it into practice every day.
  • Recycling is another considerable way to get the environment less polluted. For Example – Plastic Bottles can be recycled, and this is generally a positive option. Bottles are collected via kerbside collection or returned using a bottle deposit system. Bottlerecycle.org reveals that just 14% of all plastic packaging is recycled globally.

Wildlife preservation

Most of the wildlife is coming to be extinct as the human influencing flora and fauna due to their own norms. We can all help and protect the natural world. These are very exciting and rewarding roles when someone works for the betterment and protection of wildlife. These are part of our wonderful nature and value more. Agriculture, tourism, fishing, energy, medicines and clean water demonstrates the example of our nature and sustaining every country’s economy and welfare. If we look back at the history of wildlife, we can commemorate that in 2013, 20,000 wild elephants were killed, the lion population has come to 40% at its lowest in  20 years,  and almost 3000 tigers are left in the wild. This extinct species could become extinct in our lifetime!

cow yard
Tiger reserve area

Our role in the wildlife preservation

Wildlife matters the most in the environment. No matter its country’s economy or climate sustainability, wildlife should be provided their value. The possible accomplishments should be done to save them and to drive them from the threat of extinction.

  • To adopt the wild animals through visiting wild places and donating the organizations which procure safeguards for these innocent creatures.
  • By volunteering at such organizations where the wildlife habitat is secured.
  • By not paying for the products that are meant to harm or signifying the hazards to them and speaking your emotions to value them by speaking to educate people around us.

Supporting our claim

CANSEF is a non-profit organization aimed to serve not only the people but to play a role in the world’s mission to make the climate sustainable. CANSEF plays its role in every step which goes into the welfare of the world, building the three pillars: planet, people, and purpose. CANSEF is highly aimed at serving the community and taking every step which gets on the planet’s sustainability through possible ways and outcomes. Along with other welfare organizations, CANSEF also comes on the board to give and to have the intent of a climate that fits the prosperous needs for each living!

Solar Panels
Balance CO2
Waste management

Research Areas

CANSEF is mean to provide the atmospheric science research and development with the necessary resources to improve scientific problems and day by day climate issues. The following are the CANSEF research areas:-

  • Provide a variety of programs to support research developments and promote education for students, researchers, international projects
  • Perform modeling and simulation including determination of level of greenhouse gases
  • Develop new methods and techniques in detection of cloud scenes from NIR radiance data
  •  Develop new mathematical methods for real-time mode computation involving large scale data from the Earth orbiting micro-spectrometers
  • Radiative transfer analysis based on HITRAN line-by-line computation
  • Support Earth and Space Science related patents and publications
  •  Atmospheric analysis and awareness
  • Population vs. pollution effects on greenhouse gases
  • Remote sensing instrumentation design and development
  •  Arctic site data analysis
  • Seasonal change of CO2 and CH4  

Our team are continuously working on to contribute on climate change related subjects by publishing research papers and applying patents.

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