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Employee Services 

Working and finding employment in the Canadian environment may be somehow difficult to those who seem new to the system. Struggling in the right way and right direction can deliver more than wandering causeless. Canadian system offers lots of employment services with the perfect pay.

Due to these terrible pandemic days, the whole world is confronting with many troubles in the way of employment services.

In this matter to cope off with this needful circumstance, CANSEF aimed to provide the ideal way for people to find them employment opportunities for their pursuits.

CANSEF provides a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Services and HR solutions to let people go-ahead to their career path. CANSEF, a Non-Profit profit organization is always up to confer legal and exact employment ways consulting with employment agencies and the employment seekers. Having a well-versed support team, the CANSEF support team assists people to choose the better service to work in the public and private sectors for themselves.

Refugee Services

CANSEF is helping to the refugees with their settlements in Canada exuberantly. Providing the hand up of all the needful fulfillment, CANSEF realizes the hopes of homeless people their necessities to sigh in happiness, live in a warm welcoming environment. CANSEF endeavors for all the welfare of refugees who comes to their doors contributing in all their fundamental prerequisites to living and grow in Canada. We execute through the Refugees Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) for helping those lifeline refugees.


CANSEF Services for the refugees

As CENSEF’s mission is to acquire refugees with their all needs so they can not feel hopeless living homeless with their basics, we help those marginalized and vulnerable people who are here legally to set upon or looking for the hand of help.  CANSEF avails and contributes to the accomplishment of welfare to provide refugees with the comforts of life in the following manners:

  • Legal advocacy support to help refugees to set in Canada lawfully.
  • Need-based settlement services which are essential to living with.
  • Work and study permit for the refugees.
  • Accessing them to the health care services and housing support etc.
  • Serve the refugees emotionally and socially.

Settlement Services

CANSEF thoroughly speculates the needs of people whether they are refugees or other immigrants seeking some help to settle in Canada. CANSEF provides aid to people who desire to live and settle in the Canadian environment legally. We provide help and orientation services that a newcomer or immigrant need to settle in Canada. We provide our services at no cost so you and your family can live a better life with no boundaries to face in your needy days.

How can we help!

  • We can help you to get the Canadian experience and skills that you need to succeed in the environment.
  • To help you and getting the right educational means.
  • All the assistance you need to set in Canada like home and living consultancy etc.
  • language training for those who have English as a foreign language.

Health Services

At CANSEF, health providing services are also in preference. There is a team of expert’s consultants who guide and help you in the right way with the right solution according to the need of the condition. Whether there is a crisis or any other pandemic circumstances, CANSEF is always in front of providing their aids to suffering people to relieve their loads as much as we can.

  • During these pandemic days, we are also up to provide a range of health care services to the community and local health care workers like personal protective equipment, sanitizers, etc.
  • To work volunteering with health care departments to provide rescue to the local public.
  • Provide healthcare resources to cope with any health care issue.
  • Consultancy regarding any health issue to face courageously.

Investing in Employees

Having a team who participate with you in the struggle of welfare to provide people with their rights is a blessing. CANSEF possesses an enriched and faithful team of employees who execute their responsibilities with great affection and devotion. The team, which does not let people be needful and care for their desires and behaves so generously.
Cansef not only works for the welfare of other people who need attention but also believes in investing for their employees.

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